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Monday, March 14, 2011

Stories to Watch: 3/14/11

I'm thinking I'm going to make biscuits and gravy tomorrow. I can make sausage gravy in my sleep and I found what I hope is a good recipe for sourdough biscuits. It calls for dipping them in bacon grease before you bake them, but I'm not interested in a heart attack. I mean, I'm already making gravy with rendered sausage fat. I'm thinking I'll spray them with aerosol oil and that'll be good enough. Now here's the news...

For those of you keeping track -- which, at this point, is everyone -- the number of reactors in crisis at the Fukushima plant is now three. The good news; that's all of them, so the number can't grow. The bad news; all of them in crisis in pretty close to the worst case scenario.

In related news; experts are beginning to suspect the Japanese government of a cover-up. The evidence: Japan is releasing no radiation readings. "It was the same at Chernobyl, where they said there was a bit of a problem and only later did the full extent emerge," says one nuclear engineer.

Pushback from the pro-nuclear people has begun.

Retired Blue Dog Senator Evan Bayh goes to Fox News, where he'll no doubt feel right at home playing the "fake liberal" role that Juan Williams also plays there.

O'Keefe's NPR video is another hoax. How long before the media stops giving this phony any attention?

You can get arrested for thinking about having an abortion in Iowa.

Kansas state Rep. Virgil Peck may just be psychotic. No surprise, he's Republican. In New Hampshire, another pschotic GOPer resigns.

Finally, not even Eric Cantor is crazy enough for the 'baggers.
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