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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Stories to Watch: 3/6/11

I made a bunch of sourdough pancakes earlier this week and froze them. Turned out great -- you just throw them in the toaster like those toaster-waffle-things and you're good to go. My breakfasts have improved immeasurably. Now here's the news...

Tennessee joins in the labor fight.

Most ridiculous item of the day: an editorial in the Sunday edition of the Wisconsin State Journal praises Scott Walker for getting tough with deficits and spending, saying, "Walker is largely doing in his budget proposal what he said he'd do: Fix the budget mess without raising taxes."

The problem? WSJ's own front page contradicts that with a story about a tax-hike on low-income families to cover giveaways to businesses. Since when does "largely" mean "not?"

It's Sunday, so that means it's time to have President McCain on a Sunday talk show. He comes on, says something completely wrong, and goes to find the signup sheet for next week's shift.

The Republican push to keep people out of the voting booth. The good news for me; the Wisconsin Republican version of voter ID is so poorly written and thought out that it amounts to a poll tax. "The legislation, as written, appeared to have constitutional problems that would shred it in court," wrote Dave Weigel Thursday. Keep overreaching for the stars, GOP! Democrats will thank you.

Finally, Gov. Walker lays off thousands. Oops! Messed that up... Governor Walker pretends to lay off thousands. The Wisconsin GOP have really been running a doorbuster sale on threats lately.
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