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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stories to Watch: 12/14/11

Rain. Today. Rain. In Wisconsin, in December. Don't tell me there's no such thing as global warming. Now here's the news...

For George Will, pointing out that Mitt Romney's record of job destruction is longer than his record of job creation amounts to socialism.

TIME's Person of the Year: "The Protester." This makes 'baggers sad, because they used to be protesters a couple of years back.

Another day, another plan to extend the payroll tax cut. This one comes with a total cave in.

2.5 million more people are insured because of the dreaded "Obamacare."

The top corporate execs are pulling down more money than ever. The weird thing is that I'm not noticing anything "trickling down," are you?

Austerity sucks as an plan for economic recovery.

The Chamber of Commerce wants a media bailout really, really bad.

Nate Silver declares the Iowa Caucuses "wide open."

A bad, bad, bad, bad decision by the White House on the National Defense Authorization Act.

Finally, Iraqis are really happy to see US troops leave. So much for all the flowers and candy.

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