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Friday, December 16, 2011

Stories to Watch: 12/16/11

I missed the morning post because I had some Christmas stuff to do. And tomorrow I'll be out canvassing in the recall, so posting will be light. Now here's the news...

RIP Christopher Hitchens. No, that's the wrong thing to say. Death is not rest, but a return to the state of non-existence preceding birth. While peace is assured, rest is not. Christopher Hitchens is dead.

Nancy Pelosi gets it right; if this is a "do-nothing" congress, it's because obstructionist Republicans continually prevent it from doing anything.

The SEC charges Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae execs with securities fraud. Newt's PR problem deepens.

Rep. Allen West continues to be a jackass.

Another "family values" Republican is forced to admit to being secretly gay.

Apparently, Breitbart has studied the masters of propaganda.

Nobody's really excited about the 2012 campaign.

The brainless anti-piracy bill gets pushed back to next year. It's a delay, not a reprieve. Use the time wisely.

The FBI nearly pulled a corruption sting on Newt Gingrich in 1997.

Finally, the stouthearted courage of Tea Party leadership, on full display.

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