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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Stories to Watch: 12/29/11

We'll probably get snow tonight. Too late for a white Christmas, but you take what you get. Now here's the news...

Charles Johnson explains why a Christmas Day tragedy probably wasn't the "honor killing" the right so desperately wants it to be. It's worth a read if only to see the phrase "the internet's dumbest man" applied to Jim Hoft. It pays to remember that Johnson was a wingnut blogger before he wised up, so he knows how these people think.

And, of course, the haters haven't taken Johnson's post very well.

Speaking of the internet's dumbest man: Hoft takes a Pew poll and runs with it, apparently without actually looking at it. Hoft's big takeaway is that, despite the OWS protests, people still don't like socialism. The problem is that the most respected political label in the poll is "progressive" -- and in Hoft's world, those two words are synonyms.

Newt won't go down the birther road.

Someone needs to tell Rick Santorum that there are married poor people.

I'm starting to wonder if Rick Perry has early Alzheimer's. It's one thing to forget a federal agency, but it's another to forget something that happened to you personally. I'm being serious here. I hope he gets himself checked out.

Things that make you wonder: Gallup has a poll out showing that the person who's ideology fits most closely with those of Americans is John Huntsman. Yet Huntsman can't buy the time of day from voters. The person least like the average is Barack Obama, who still leads in almost every poll. Long story short, I don't think this is a very good poll.

Also from Gallup, Democrats beat Republicans on the issues of taxes and unemployment.

Ron Paul is a conspiracy-theorizing nutbag, which makes him fairly typical of the right.

Finally, in real danger of becoming a one-term senator, Scott Brown decides it's time to play the media victim card. Unfortunately for Brown, Sarah Palin probably wore a hole in it.

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