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Monday, December 05, 2011

Stories to Watch: 12/5/11

Got the tiniest bit of snow today and no accumulation, but any excuse the make a big pot of chili is a good one. Next time, I'll make a thermos of hot cocoa. Now here's the news...

Wisconsin Governor and recall target Scott Walker is oddly silent about threats and crimes being committed on his behalf.

Gallup finds that the race for the GOP nominee has narrowed to Mittens and Gingrich, which the two being "the only two candidates Republicans say would be acceptable presidential nominees from their party." The good news for Team Obama is that Gingrich is seen as more acceptable that Romney -- by a wide margin (62% to 54%), meaning the base is falling back to the old habit of putting ideological purity above electability.

Case in point; being mean to Donald Trump makes Newt Gingrich sad.

The first item in Greg Sargent's "Morning Plum": "Top Romney operative admits ad attacking Obama was 'propaganda.'"

Always count on Democrats to be the ones to fold.

Karl Rove thinks a Trump-moderated debate is a bad idea. Helping Karl make that case is The Donald himself -- twice.

Apparently, Sarah Palin got a sex change, moved to Mexico, and is running for president down there.

Finally, Paul Begala finds the entire GOP presidential field to be less than impressive; "[A]s LBJ said of the Republicans of his day, [they] couldn't pour pee out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel."

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