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Monday, January 16, 2012

Stories to Watch: 1/16/12

Another MLK Day come and gone, which marks another year of a lot of people missing the damned point. Now here's the news...

Big GOP debate tonight. As usual, I'm going to skip it. Who doesn't know what their positions are by now? The only reason to watch is so you can say you saw Rick Perry swallow his tongue or fall over the podium or whatever -- and that's what YouTube's for.

Jon Huntsman won't be there.

Congress' approval ratings dip even lower.

Don't count on using Wikipedia Wednesday.

Hey, you know how that "Stop Romney" coalition of 'baggers and fanatics settled on Rick Santorum? Yeah, turns out it's unsettled again.

Meanwhile, Nate Silver says that Romney is the "overwhelming favorite" for the GOP nomination. Maybe the "Stop Romney" coalition should've gotten started a little earlier.

Attorney General Holder -- rightly -- compares voter ID laws to the Jim Crow laws Martin Luther King fought against. Obviously, this is the worst thing ever.

Finally, a Santorum staffer who's a misogynist? Imagine how surprised I'm not.

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