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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stories to Watch: 1/24/12

Lasagna tonight. Gonna be awesome. Now here's the news...

Big State of the Union address tonight. There will reportedly be a focus on the shrinking middle class, so expect shrieks of "class warfare!" from the country club set. John Boehner gets the fainting couch all warmed up.

One of my fave go-to bloggers -- Steve Benen -- is moving to the Rachel Maddow show. No word on who'll be replacing Steve, but Washington Monthly' Political Animal will go on.

Both Gingrich and Romney are unpopular with general election voters. The frontrunner situation has the right falling on each other like a pack of wolves.

Barney Frank proves that flawless logic can be really funny.

Dem insiders think the GOP primaries could last until the daisies start sprouting again.

This may be the stupidest, most unnecessary piece of legislation in the nation right now.

Bill Kristol's panic deepens.

Finally, Wisconsin dems make sure Scott Walker's out-of-state fundraising tour gets the attention it deserves.

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