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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Stories to Watch: 1/4/12

I think I could count the hours of sleep I got last night on one hand. I didn't stay up late to catch the caucuses, because I didn't think they were all that important. I just couldn't sleep. I don't expect to have the same trouble tonight, because I'm beat. Now here's the news...

Newt is returning to old habits -- taking political maneuvering way to personally. According to David Corn, "In a bitter and spiteful concession speech last night in Iowa -- Kanye West could do no worse -- the former House speaker, who finished fourth, signaled a shift in his mission. He would no longer be running to obtain the Republican presidential nomination; he would be campaigning to obliterate Mitt Romney." Sure, this mission will probably help Obama more than anyone, but so what? Mittens had the temerity to run attack ads against The Great Newton Gingrich -- transformational figure, second coming of Reagan, big super-smart visionary of the GOP. Heads must roll.

Seriously, Newt is one classless, pissy little garden gnome.

GOP message-meister (read "Minister of Propaganda") Frank Luntz is one who's taking all this seriously. Combine Gingrich with the lack of a clear frontrunner coming out of Iowa and dark clouds begin to form. "I think over the next 24 to 48 hours, the campaign's gonna get a little bit meaner, a little darker, and a little bit more personal, as the candidates now fight for their life... Republicans are not gonna like what's about to happen... I think a war is about to break out within this primary field." Luntz thinks the primary could stretch out until April at least. There goes Mittens' master plan.

Rick Perry is not one to take "YOU SUCK!" for an answer.

President Obama will make recess appointments to the new consumer watchdog agency and the National Labor Relations Board. The GOP is whining about it, but their complaints don't have a leg to stand on.

Finally, maybe it's time to slow down on all the deportations, because this is fucked up, down, sideways, and inside-out.

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