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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stories to Watch: 2/23/12

Running a little late tonight. Now here's the news...

The Republican Attorneys General of seven states join in a lawsuit over the contraception coverage rule. Noticeably missing is Wisconsin, whose Republican Party had previously not been shy to fight the dreaded Obamacare in court. Guess they figure they're on shaky enough ground already.

This is actually kind of surprising: the Virginia Senate has put Republicans' "personhood bill" on hold for a year, effectively killing it for the time being -- and possibly forever. It was a deliberately unconstitutional bill designed solely to get Roe v. Wade back into the courts for a do-over and, as such, the entire effort has been a huge waste of taxpayers' money.

Newt's campaign looks like a scam.

Some people are wondering if Mitt Romney and Ron Paul have some sort of deal, since they seem to have ganged up on Rick Santorum last night. While it's purely speculation, I'm going to go ahead and say no. I think I'm just playing the odds here. Ironically, a seeming Romney/Paul alliance is probably evolution among evolution-deniers. Ron and Mitt have the same main competitor (Newt's a has-been now), so they have the same goal. It's entirely logical that they'd both exploit that to their own advantage, by capitalizing on each others' attacks on Rick. Game theory, really. It's like two guys in a barfight with the same person; one guy knocks him down, then the other sees the opportunity to give the downed man a boot. They didn't plan any of this out beforehand, it just sort of unfolds that way. People who think otherwise may be watching too much Survivor. Ideologically, Ron and Mitt seem to have about the least common ground of all the candidates.

Of course, all that doesn't keep Rick from doing a little exploiting of his own.

Santorum has a lead -- albeit a seriously anemic one -- in Michigan.

Allen West complains about the price of gas -- while driving an insanely huge Hummer. Remember when conservatives used to talk about "personal responsibility?" Yeah, those were the days.

Finally, Mitt Romney's new tax plan makes no sense at all.

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