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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/21/12

Not much going on here. Nice again. Too nice. Now here's the news...

The guy who made the Sarah Palin bio-flop will now be part of the crew heading up Andrew Breitbart's orphaned media sites. So, I guess the odds are they're all going to get extremely boring now.

A conservative "ambush journalist" gets the scoop on Bono -- except, in a hilarious turn of events, he doesn't.

You've got the War on Women, the War on Voting, and the War on the Poor (along with all the other class warfare being waged). With Paul Ryan's budget proposal, we now have the opening shot in the War on the Young.

Another GOP campaign of lies messaging failure: only a small percentage of Americans believe Pres. Obama is hostile to religion. It should surprise no one to learn that the number is around the usual lunatic 20% who always believe whatever crazy meme is going on out there. This puts it on par with birtherism. Seriously, enemy of religion = 23%, not a citizen = 20%.

Noodles and Ricky glom on to Etch-a-Sketch-gate. Meanwhile, the Romney-shilling Drudge Report doesn't even cover it.

President Obama, this was pretty impressive.

The anti-marriage equality group NOM is totally going to put Starbucks out of business.

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