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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Stories to Watch: 3/8/12

You know, if it's going to be as warm next week as they're predicting, I might just break out the grill. The first time is always the best every year, because you've almost forgotten what it tastes like. Now here's the news...

Happy International Women's Day, everyone.

Scott Brown has a Romney problem.

The obvious has been confirmed; the birth control battle (and Limbaugh's boneheaded crusade to keep it in the headlines) is hurting Republicans with women and Independents.

64% of Americans support collective bargaining rights for public employees. Another GOP loser.

Rush Limbaugh tries to erase history. Meanwhile, commercial breaks for his show today featured minutes of dead air.

Rick Santorum, spammer.

The next time some panicky grandma tells you Medicare is going broke, show them this and tell them to calm down.

Limbaugh's latest anti-woman target strikes back -- with humor.

The Senate rejects approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. Damn, we might actually be winning this thing.

Finally, Sen. Carl Levin -- chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee -- says he'd "love" to see Rush Limbaugh booted off the the Armed Forces Network. Damn, we might just win that one, too.

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