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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stories to Watch: 4/19/12

Rainy and cold. Which means it's finally back to normal. Now here's the news...

Frootloop Republican Rep. Allen West comes to the defense of wingnut used-to-be celebrity Ted Nugent. Because it's important for batshit insane people to stick together, I guess. So what's that make Scott Walker?

Speaking of lunatics, Tea Party Rep. Michael Fitzpatrick is one.

The Republican War on Women continues.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy may be done for.

ALEC's troubles aren't letting up.

Eric Cantor comes within millimeters of confirming that antisemitism is a real problem among House GOP.

Republicans are also not real worried about women getting knocked around.

Finally, Michele Bachmann is still a moron.

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