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Monday, April 23, 2012

Stories to Watch: 4/23/12

Actually, it was a pretty boring day around here. Now here's the news...

This is kind of brilliant; during the primaries, Team Obama portrayed Mitt Romney as an empty-suit flip-flopper with "no core." This played against fears conservatives had about Romney and probably stretched out the primaries, weakening him. Now that the GOP primaries are over, general election voters will likely be hoping that Romney's not really a frootloop -- and Team Obama switches over to arguing that he is. Politico sees this as a sign that the Obama campaign is desperately seeking "a reason for reelection," but writers are Politico are often dumb.

RNC spokeswoman Alexandra Franceschi admits that GOP economic plans are Bush's, "just updated."

Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee resigned over the police handling of the Trayvon Martin killing (i.e., not handling it at all and just letting Zimmerman go). Sanford's city council refuses to accept Lee's resignation, because the smartest thing in the world to do is throw gasoline on this particular fire. I've yet to see news out of Sanford government that didn't make me think they were mostly clueless dopes.

Also in insane Florida gun law news: Gov. Rick Scott puts together a task force to review the "Stand Your Ground" law. It is, of course, a joke.

Jon Stewart says he's not going to censor himself to make rightwing hater Bill Donohue happy. Donohue takes that as a sign he's winning. No, really.

Arizona's immigrant-hating law goes up before the Supreme Court this week.

Also from Arizona: new polling shows the state is a presidential tossup.

Finally, Mittens makes a poor choice for foreign policy spokesperson; the left doesn't like him because he's a jackass troll who attacks women on Twitter. The right hates him because he's gay.

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