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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stories to Watch: 4/26/12

I'm stuck for something to make, so it's burgers. Good thing I like burgers. Now here's the news...

Paul Ryan renounces everything he previously believed in to mollify the religious wing of his party. Makes you wonder if he actually believes in anything.

Karl Rove's electoral math puts President Obama way ahead. Let me repeat; that's Karl Rove's math.

After overcoming some GOP shenanigans, the latest incarnation of the Violence Against Women Act passes the Senate. Now it goes to the House, where things are almost certain to get really stupid. Trust me, the odds are extremely high that some GOPer or three will say something astonishingly insensitive.

In the process of getting the VAWA through, Al Franken gets a bit emotional.

If SCOTUS strikes down healthcare reform, they'll be joining in on the War on Women.

A lot of Boston Bruins fans are complete assholes.

The Koch brothers seem to have realized that no one but Republicans gives a fuck about Solyndra.

Finally, an empty-headed bleached foxbot mocks Sandra Fluke -- because that worked out so well the last time conservatives tried it.

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