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Monday, May 07, 2012

Stories to Watch: 5/7/12

Pancakes tonight. Brinner rocks. Now here's the news...

Big electoral doings tomorrow. In Wisconsin, we decide who'll go up against Scott Walker in the recall. In Indiana, long serving Sen. Richard Lugar will probably be primaried out by a 'bagger nut.

Romney's not as squeaky clean as he'd like you to believe.

Also in Mittens news: remember how McCain/Palin rallies turned into lynch mobs and that scared voters away? Here we go again.

Paul Krugman on the electoral disaster austerity-lovers have suffered in Europe.

The White House's fence-straddling on marriage equality is getting ridiculous.

Republicans apparently have no idea what the pay rate is at minimum wage. Doesn't seem to stop them from having opinions about how it's too much.

A terrorist plot to mark the anniversary of Bin Laden's death is thwarted.

This is what restrictive voting laws look like.

Finally, the Pentagon "halted its cooperation" with the production of a major blockbuster movie, because the depiction of global politics was unrealistic. The movie: The Avengers. No, really.
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