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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Stories to Watch: 5/9/12

Barack Obama's marriage position is sucking all the air out of newsrooms, so this one will be brief and marriage-heavy. Now here's the news...

After President Obama comes out in favor of same sex marriage, the religious right warns that America is doomed -- DOOMED!

Meanwhile, Mittens responds with his usual degree of political courage. Santorum is predictably a dick about it. And for the wingnut blogosphere it's -- do I really have to say it? -- absolutely, positively the worst thing ever!

More ugly reactions.

And if all that hate isn't enough for you, how about white supremacists planning a race war?

We haven't forgotten about how awful a corporate citizen Bank of America has become.

There's a Republican who supports Planned Parenthood. Just the one, sure, but you've got to start someplace.

Finally, in the upcoming recall election, Gov. Walker's most dangerous enemy isn't Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett or labor unions, it's his own record.
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