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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stories to Watch: 6/14/12

The RNC Latino outreach site featured photos of kids -- Asian kids. In fact, the whole thing was a mess until someone pointed it out to them.

News from the Republican War on Women: the Michigan legislature bans two female reps from speaking as punishment for introducing an amendment to some anti-choice legislation that would've also made it harder for men to get vasectomies. The rationale Republicans hid behind? The words "vasectomies" and "vaginas" fail to "maintain the decorum of the House of Representatives."

If Obama's speech in Ohio today is any indication, he's going to smack the living crap out of Romney. Meanwhile, Ezra Klein comes to the same conclusion I did earlier today; on economic matters, Romney is Dubya. Greg Sargent also has good things to say about the speech. Full transcript here.

An ex-Romney adviser confirms the obvious: Republicans are cheering for American economic failure.

Voter roll purging Florida Governor Rick Scott was once purged himself and listed as dead.

Michelle Malkin is a spoiled child.

Walmart's anti-union efforts reach a new low.

Finally, income inequality is bad in America -- wealth inequality is much, much worse.

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