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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stories to Watch: 6/27/12

Day six smoke-free. I'm heading out to Summerfest in Milwaukee tomorrow and my Friday is pretty much shot, so this is probably about it until after the Fourth. Probably a post here or there, but mostly it's vacation time. Now here's the news...

Is the US Chamber of Commerce engaging in money-laundering? It sure looks that way. Come on, people. There are like zero campaign finance regulations anymore and you still can't color inside the lines?

Gallup finds -- prepare to be stunned -- that Americans don't trust banks.

Federal Judge Robert Hinkle becomes a co-conspirator in Florida Governor Rick Scott's bloodless coup attempt.

Mittens tried to get the WaPo to retract a story about his history of outsourcing. Here's why he failed.

Everything you think you know about "Fast and Furious" is completely, 100% wrong. A must-read.

Swing states are swinging Obama.

Members of the conservative group Minnesota for Marriage are just complete assholes.

Finally, here's a short list of Democrats bought and paid for by the NRA.

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