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Monday, July 23, 2012

Stories to Watch: 7/23/12

There are a lot of people in the police department of Anaheim, California who not only need to be fired, but need to be thrown in jail themselves.

It's not really news as much as it's confirmation of what everyone already knows; Romney adviser John Bolton is a complete lunatic.

This is why we need hate crime legislation. This isn't just an assault, this is terrorism.

Rep. Louie Gohmert is very sorry that people take seriously the idiotic shit he says.

Mitt Romney has a very interesting (read "wrong") idea of what constitutes "very stringent" gun laws.

Also, Mitt's a hypocrite. I'm sure you're as surprised as I am.

Mitt's also a liar

Mike Huckabee launches the first annual "Jesus Hates Gays!" day. Something like that, anyway.

Finally, this is just so wildly out of line with other recent polls that I have to believe it's probably an outlier.

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