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Monday, July 09, 2012

Stories to Watch: 7/9/12

Had a nice little vacation over the holiday -- even with the heat wave. I went out and braved it a few times. It was like a freakin' blast furnace. I drank water like a fish and (my big accomplishment) built a picnic trailer for my bike. I can haul around a cooler, a grill, some chairs, and various other cooky-outy items. Tried it yesterday and it's still got some bugs, but mostly it works really well. Now here's the news...

Newly non-recalled Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is politicizing everything. Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

Either we've got global warming going on or the recent heat wave was a one-in-1.6-million shot.

It's always fun to watch a Nobel Prize-winning economist point out that Republicans suck at math.

Newest rightwing nutjobbery: Seth McFarlane's talking Teddy bear movie is liberal Hollywood run amok. Run! Run for your lives!

Rep. Allen West is still a jackass -- and a not very smart on at that.

Liberalism is what happens when rightwing children grow up. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Peter Pans out there.

Maine Governor and Tea Party lunatic Paul LePage learns that trivializing the Holocaust is bad politics.

Finally, Romney's big money donors start to pay off. The Republican candidate outraised Obama by $35 million in June. He may be hitting a brick wall soon, though, as the big money donors top out on legal giving.

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