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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stories to Watch: 8/16/12

I firmly believe that Republicans think A Christmas Carol is the story of fine, upstanding free-market businessman Ebenezer Scrooge, who is ruthlessly brainwashed into becoming a commie by three ghosts. This theory is not without evidence.

The Southern Poverty Law Center calls BS on the avalanche of rightwing victim cards dumped on their doorstep.

The Army's year's long epidemic of suicide shows no signs of slowing and may actually be getting worse.

Here's a fun fact: Fox & Friends is ridiculous horseshit aimed straight at the stupidest, most gullible, least independent-minded people in America. That's a fact.

Mitt admits he's taxed at a ridiculously low rate -- but still refuses to release returns. There must be some seriously damning stuff in there.

Shell seems to be covering up the severity of a Nigerian spill.

Hate-filled human nightmare Pat Robertson said something jaw-droppingly awful again.

Mitt Romney attacks arts funding, because that's totally the source of all the nation's economic problems.

CNN moves Wisconsin to a "toss up" -- by which they mean Obama leads by four points. They credit the Paul Ryan selection for the bump, but consider that it doesn't even put them ahead and that these things tend to even out once the news sinks in -- i.e., it's a bounce. Obama's lead will most likely get bigger, not smaller. The rightwing blogosphere is ecstatic over the news, but I'm afraid they're probably headed for heartbreak.

Finally, if you try to clarify a position and the headline you wind up with includes the words "tries to explain," you've failed.

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