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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stories to Watch: 8/15/12

Remember that John Doe investigation into Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker? Yeah, that's still going on -- and it's expanded from his days as Milwaukee County Exec to his time as Governor.

Ed Kilgore says the Romney campaign has gone full-bore racist because they've burned their bridges with everyone other than white conservatives.

Oh sure, now the right gives a fuck about nuts with guns.

There seems to be an outbreak of something similar to journalism lately -- on the TV yet. Here's hoping for a plague.

Although on the other hand, Paul Ryan just handed the media a huge story and hardly anyone even blinked.

Look, I know Fox News is just super-excited about this whole Paul Ryan thing, but I really wish they'd at least try to hide their collective boner.

Mitt Romney is an unconvincing liar -- which makes you wonder about his supporters.

Paul Ryan could dash the GOP's hopes of taking the Senate.

It's pretty clear that Romney chose Ryan to change the subject and get everyone talking about Paul Ryan and not Bain or tax returns. Be careful what you wish for.

Finally, Wisconsin Republicans nominated this guy to be their senatorial candidate last night. Good luck with that.

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