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Monday, August 20, 2012

Stories to Watch: 8/20/12

The idea that a woman can't get pregnant from rape isn't a new idea to the GOP -- nor is it any crazier than other "facts" they all believe.

While the GOP is sending out conflicting leaks about Todd Akin dropping or not dropping out of the Missouri Senate race, the National Republican Senatorial Committee says he's done and cuts him off. If they don't know for sure that he's quitting, it'd be a real gamble and it could easily cost them that seat. So I'm guessing they know for sure. Names of replacement candidates are already being bandied about.

RIP Phyllis Diller.

If Romney absolutely had to tell the truth, he'd find he has nothing to run on.

Here's an event Paul Ryan may regret scheduling.

Speaking of Ryan, let's hope stories like this gain some traction.

The religious right group Concerned Women for America take sides in the Putin/Pussy Riot conflict -- and choose to side with Putin.

Finally, how happy must this guy be with the whole Todd Akin hullabaloo drawing fire?

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