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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stories to Watch: 8/21/12

Todd Akin decides to stick it out. He's going to continue his campaign, so he can fight the plague of women pretending to be raped so they can get all those abortions paid for. And yes, as stupid as that sounds, that's what this whole thing has been all about. Even cleaned up, Akin's argument is as stupid as it is offensive.

Ed Kilgore explains why Akin would stay in the race -- he has nothing to lose.

Obama has the polling lead going into the conventions, while Romney has the money lead.

Yeah, Family Research Council is a hate group.

Wow. Paul Ryan would do away with progressive taxation altogether.

Is Bryan Fischer actually psychotic? The guy's sounding more and more Fred Phelpsy every day.

I'm not exactly sure why this is such big news, but I've been seeing the story all day: Joe Biden will be in Tampa while the GOP throws their prom. There's sure to be a lot of BS spilling out of the Republican Convention hall and Team Obama would be expected to send someone down there to hold pressers to clean it all up. Is it unusual for such a high-ranking official to kick off those festivities? I don't know. But it hardly seems as surprising as everyone seems to think it is.

Finally, a PPP poll has Romney up over Obama slightly in Wisconsin. Beware the bounce. Wait until the debates.

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