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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Stories to Watch: 8/2/12

Taking my bicycle cookout trailer out tomorrow for -- surprise! -- a cookout. It should take up most of the day, so posting will be light to nonexistent. But it's already August and summer's ticking away, so you've got to get these little adventures in when you can. Although, to be completely honest, I can totally see doing this in the fall, as well. If last winter and this summer are any indication, it should be a mild one. Now here's the news...

Romney spokesperson Rick Gorka is taking some time off from the campaign. I guess he needed to spend more time inviting his family to kiss his ass.

Rep. Louie Gohmert said something stupid again.

Looks like Harry Reid's found Mitt's sore spot.

With a new Pew poll giving Obama a 10-point national lead, Nate Silver bumps Obama's odds up to 70.8%. Keep in mind, that's if nothing changes -- and something will change. It's practically guaranteed. But that's a pretty decent crumple zone.

Do American medalists face an Olympic-sized tax penalty when they get home from the games? Another GOP horror story winds up on the fiction shelf.

GLAAD asks supporters to counter Mike Huckabee's "Chicken of Hate" day by donating the cost of a Chick-fil-A combo meal (about $6.50) to a gay rights group tomorrow. Sounds like an excellent idea.

Amway begins to experience the Chick-fil-A treatment. Next up, Domino's Pizza?

Finally, Mitt Romney's learning about the real world -- from GOP governors who have to live there.

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