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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stories to Watch: 8/22/12

Even as Team Romney runs screaming from Todd Akin, they remain close to the father of the "legitimate rape" lie.

Is the Fed about to stop sitting on their hands?

The timing of Anne Romney's keynote speech at the Republican Convention is typical GOP organizational triumph.

Of course, the Republican Convention could be called off due to tropical storm Issac.

A new Marquette poll puts Obama ahead in Wisconsin, 49%-46%.

When lies are so egregious that even Wolf Blitzer won't out up with them, you've set some sort of record.

Ed Kilgore sets the record straight on who it is who's "gutting Medicare."

Depressingly unsurprising news: a Texas judge is a complete lunatic.

Finally, Romney's false, race-baiting welfare attacks are costing him big.

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