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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stories to Watch: 8/23/12

Quinnipiac says that Romney's choice of Ryan resulted in a "micro-bump" in two of three swing states. I'm guessing that they'd hoped for a little more impact -- and I still say it's mostly bounce. No change in Ohio, which is bad news for Mitt.

Meanwhile, a local poll finds no change in Pennsylvania, either. Mitt's down 9 there.

Speaking of bounces, expect one after the Republican convention -- and try not to get too excited about it. Obama will see one too.

Mitt Romney expects us to believe that he won't release his tax records, because they show he loves his church too much. No, really.

Mike Huckabee sides with Akin. This is nothing new for Huckabee.

In a major setback in the Republican War on Voting, California approves same-day registration. And the GOP had been enjoying such success wiping out democracy, too.

Donald Trump is a clown.

Finally, Todd Akin's comments have spurred "threats of rape of staff, the congressman’s family, and suggestions that people die." An investigation is underway, but you've got to believe that these are coming from both sides of the aisle. The man's managed to bridge the ideological divide and create a bipartisan consensus against him. Unlike a certain other Republican who made the claim, Akin really is a uniter, not a divider.

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