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Friday, August 24, 2012

Stories to Watch: 8/24/12

A night of widespread violence in Chicago. Of course, we can't do anything about it, because we've all decided that fucking guns are like tornadoes or something and mankind is helpless to stop them. It's just mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting, because everyone in Washington is too much of a wuss to stand up to the soft-on-murder lobby. Rant over.

In actual natural disaster news, Gulf oil companies evacuate platforms in the face of tropical storm Isaac, because offshore drilling is so safe and all.

And in other mass shooting news, Rush Limbaugh has an explanation for the shootings near the Empire State Building this morning -- it's all Obama's fault. If you take Limbaugh seriously, you are an incredibly stupid, stupid person.

This is an actual headline about an actual thing that actually happened: "RNC Official: N.M. Governor ‘Dishonored’ Gen. Custer By Meeting With American Indians." Is there anyone who isn't white that the GOP hasn't gotten around to offending yet? If so, take a number. A racist jerkwad will be right with you.

Speaking of jerkwads, things do not look good for Todd Akin.

Obama holds a slim national lead of 2 points in a CNN poll. However, when you look at only at registered voters, it's 9 -- which is pretty massive. All signs so far point to a low turnout election, which means new registration numbers will likewise be low. This means that pretty much everything Mitt's trying isn't working.

Reality to Mitt Romney: US dependence on foreign oil is at its lowest point in two decades.

He's hasn't even been elected and already Romney's spying on ordinary Americans.

Finally, another actual headline about an actual thing that actually happened: "Romney Invested In Company That Is Outsourcing Jobs, Forcing Workers To Train Their Chinese Replacements." It's like he didn't even realize that running for president put him in the public spotlight.

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