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Friday, August 31, 2012

Stories to Watch: 8/31/12

Karl Rove entertains murderous fantasies about Todd Akin. The crazies are displeased.

Actuall headline from a press release by rightwing evangelist Bill Keller: "Republicans Pray to Satan at the GOP Convention as Romney and His Surrogates Lie to Make Mainstream the Mormon Cult."

Mitt Romney tours areas storm-struck Louisiana, trying to look presidential but probably just getting in everyone's way. The real deal will visit Monday.

Christine O'Donnell is still not a witch and still not very smart.

The RNC Clint Eastwood disaster shows just how unready Mitt Romney is for prime time.

Seriously? "GOP Platform Endorses High-Capacity Clips Used In Aurora and Tuscon Mass Shootings." Seriously.

The Democratic National Convention will focus on Bush's economic policies -- which could turn into a real headache for Mitt Romney.

Finally, Mittens refers to the US as a "company." I wonder if that means he's going to fire everyone and start selling off states if he wins?

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