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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Stories to Watch: 8/8/12

It's an indication of how far Romney's drifted to the right when "Mitt's healthcare reform was awesome!" is considered a gaffe. The whole thing has Erick Erick as apoplectic as he is hyperbolic.

Still, it's not surprising that a new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Obama widening his lead. All this flip-flopping is making Mittens look pretty shifty. Meanwhile, an ABC News/Washington Post poll puts Romney's favorables deep underwater. Erick Erick may actually have something to panic about here.

Stephen Colbert really is a headache for Wikipedians.

Why hasn't Oak Creek gotten the same wall-to-wall coverage as another recent gun massacre with a similar death toll? People don't care as much about people who don't look like or live like themselves. Related; Juan Cole lists the different ways the media treats white terrorists and terrorists of every other ethnicity.

Economists say Romney's economic plans are crazy wishmaking. Worse, they're economists Team Romney cited as approving of his econ-sorcery.

Just because Mitt Romney's lying about welfare reform is no reason to buy Bill Clinton's defense of it. It's awful. It sucks. It's an economic disaster on the scale of failing to regulate Wall Street.

Even conservatives are coming to realize that rightwing "historian" David Barton is a bullshit artist.

Pres. Obama says Romney's policies would take women's health back to the 1950s. Assuming Mittens plans to make good on his promises to wingnut voters, he's not wrong.

Finally, Mitt Romney quietly met with a scary bunch of bigots and racists.

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