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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Stories to Watch: 8/5/12

The internets loved them some Michelle Obama last night. John Heilemann's take is worth reading.

Bill Clinton's favorability rating, per Gallup: 69%.

A hacker group claims to have kidnapped Mitt Romney's tax returns and is demanding a ransom. No, really.

Romney surrogate John Sununu is a clown.

Wisconsin Republican senatorial candidate Tommy Thompson has something in common with Mitt Romney: he was for healthcare reform before he was against it.

The Obama campaign let Republicans dictate the Democratic platform to them. No one but conservatives care about this shit -- why let yourselves be distracted with trivia?

Expect people to make something of the grade-level of English used in Michelle Obama's and Ann Romney's speeches, but truth be told, it doesn't really mean much. Speeches are like newspapers -- they tend to use simple language for the sake of clarity. Still, it's proof that Michelle really did write her speech herself -- professional speechwriters wouldn't have written it at a near-college level.

Finally, Ohio's Secretary of State flirts with lawlessness.

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