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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stories to Watch: 10/24/12

Yesterday, President Obama's stock at Intrade took quite a tumble. Apparently, this was the result of either a few morning traders making bad bets or market manipulation on the part of pro-Romney parties eager to advance his "Mittmentum" meme. This combined with a bad day for the stock market (people often confuse Wall Street and the economy) and set off what looked a lot like a market panic. Obama's stock has been recovering throughout the day and is nearly where it was before this whole rollercoaster ride started. Nate Silver takes the whole thing as a cautionary tale and warns that prediction markets like Intrade can often behave irrationally -- just like the stock market.

Stimulus vs. austerity: chart porn.

A "lustful cockmonster" ad. You read that right.

Things that make Romney wake up in a cold sweat: Barack Obama holds a big lead among early voters.

Obama lays out the specifics for his second term.

Getting two that second term will involve a superior ground game -- which by all indications, Democrats have. Writes Molly Ball, "[W]hat struck me most, in talking to Republicans about their ground game, was the extent to which they admitted they weren't even playing the game."

Donald Trump is an even bigger clown than you imagine. It's a bipartisan consensus.

After making an incredibly offensive statement about rape and abortion, Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock is in hot water with everyone but Mitt Romney. That's right, Mitt will throw his own positions under the bus, but some Tea Party nutjob practically praising rape is a keeper.

Finally, you really have to wonder what Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot thinks he has to hide.

[cartoon via McClatchy Newspapers]

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