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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stories to Watch: 10/25/12

Election college forecasts: OBAMA 294 - Romney 244
FiveThirtyEight: OBAMA 290.8 - Romney 247.2
DeSart and Holbrook: OBAMA 281 - Romney 257
Princeton Election Consortium: OBAMA 297 - Romney 241
Votamatic: OBAMA 332 - Romney 206

David Brooks wrote something stupid again.

Sarah Palin has a hopelessly illogical defense of her racist "shuck and jive" comment. One that hinges on her daughter Piper being half-Eskimo. It makes no sense at all. And I'll believe Piper's native American roots when noted Republican race expert Scott Brown verifies that she looks all Eskimo and stuff.

Climate change? Pfffftt!!! Reports of a coming "Frankenstorm" are totally normal, right? Right?

Just when you thought stories of the NYPD couldn't get any worse, there's this.

Obama's lead in early voting clearly has Mittens rattled.

Condoleeza Rice says talk of a GOP War on Women is a bunch of hooey. You wonder if she's seen this.

In case you needed more proof that "Mittmentum!" is horseshit, here ya go.

Finally, how dead was today for American news? This dead.

[photo via Reuters]

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