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Monday, October 29, 2012

Stories to Watch: 10/29/12

Hurricane Sandy hangs trampoline up in utility cables.

Electoral college forecasts:
Hurricane Sandy has already knocked out power for 2 million customers.

Firefly creator Joss Wedon creates a Halloween-themed video "endorsement" of Mitt Romney.

More jobs numbers trutherism.

Mitt Romney avoids doing late night talk interviews. I suppose this "comedy" stuff screws with his circuits.

He also avoids paying taxes using a gimmick unavailable to almost everybody.

Ann Romney says something dumb about public education.

Team Romney desperately tries to get someone to buy their "Mittmentum!" narrative. In doing so, they come off sounding like Baghdad Bob.

Finally, I've already reported the first stupid thing to come out of Politico today. Here's the second.

[photo via Instagram]

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