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Thursday, November 15, 2012

McCain’s fake concern over Benghazi

David Weigel - 'McCain Missed Private Benghazi Hearing Because of 'Scheduling Error'.'

Dave Weigel:

Josh Rogin reports that John McCain and Rand Paul, both of them very public critics of the administration over Benghazi, skipped yesterday’s private hearing on the debacle. And McCain spent basically the entirety of Wednesday criticizing the administration — TV in the morning, a press conference in the late morning, a Senate colloquy after President Obama attacked him.

So McCain skipped out on a hearing about Benghazi to go do his media darling gig — and demand hearings about Benghazi. It’s not about Benghazi or Amb. Rice, it’s about John McCain turning into a vindictive jerk every time he or his side loses a presidential election. He became an insufferable ass four years ago, as many will recall.

McCain wants to punish Obama for having the temerity to defeat the Republican nominee. Which is why private hearings aren’t important — he doesn’t care about getting to the bottom of anything, he just wants to ruin careers and reputations with a big public spectacle that serves no other purpose.

“McCain wants public, select committee hearings, which have been accurately described as ‘Watergate-style’ — public, on TV, key players dragged in front of a national audience,” Weigel writes. “And neither the Speaker of the House nor the Senate Majority Leader want to take this step.”

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