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Monday, November 26, 2012

Republicans on the spot with fiscal cliff

The Hill:

A new poll finds the public views the looming “fiscal cliff” as a serious crisis for the nation and would blame Republicans more than President Obama if Washington fails to reach a deal. 

Forty-five percent surveyed in a new CNN/ORC poll said they would blame congressional Republicans if there is no agreement, with 34 percent pointing the finger at Obama. 

Two-thirds say the U.S. would experience serious problems if the combination of tax rate increases and automatic spending cuts expected in January take effect.

“Seventy-seven percent of Americans believe their personal situation would be affected if the U.S. fell over the cliff,” the report goes on.

If you’re wondering why Republicans are suddenly running shrieking from Grover Norquist and his boneheaded pledge, there ya go.

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