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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stories to Watch: 11/27/12

Pat Robertson gets all sciencey and un-creationismish. Is there any such thing as senile dementia in reverse, where you get less confused and crazy the older you get?

Ed Kilgore notes that there's surprisingly little of the "Obama stole the election!" sore-loserism on the right. Still, you can always count on the 'baggers to bring the crazy.

A UN climate scientist says that, in the context of climate change, Hurricane Sandy was "probably not a coincidence."

Quite a few American CEOs are jackasses.

You'd think supporting a UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities would be a no-brainer. And you'd be right. Now meet the people with no brains. Ed Kilgore and Dana Milbank are not amused.

Josh Marshall wonders if this is the stupidest thing John McCain has ever said. It's pretty dumb, but keep in mind, this is a man who once must've said words to the effect of "OK, so Sarah Palin it is!" Anything else McCain says would have to be a close second at best.

Nude protesters in Boehner's office. Remember, the speaker's name is pronounced "Boner" on these occasions.

A meeting between lefties, labor, and the White House left one attendee with the impression that Obama would "ultimately prove willing to go over the fiscal cliff if necessary, rather than give ground on core demands." This is a good thing. Polling shows that the public is ready to blame Republicans if we go over the fiscal cliff and this information indicates that the White House understands the amount of leverage that gives them -- i.e., almost all of it.

Finally, remember that time the Iranian news agency fell for a story in The Onion? Now China's doing it.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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