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Monday, November 05, 2012

Stories to Watch: 11/5/12

Bill Clinton smiles at baby

Electoral college forecasts:
Hey, looks like I made the headlines after all. Although, to be honest, there's not a lot to report tonight. The world is kind of in a holding pattern.

What does white hegemony mean? It means being able to make incredibly racist observations without meaning to, because white is the "default" ethnicity.

Apparently desperate for positive headlines, Team Romney releases some really ridiculous internal poll numbers. Want to know how safe Romney really thinks he is? He's planning to campaign straight through election day, while Pres. Obama plans to shoot hoops.

A note on that previous item: election day rallies reek of desperation, because your resources are better spent getting people to polls than getting people to wave signs at a rally.

Global warming? Don't be ridiculous! Serious people know that Hurricane Sandy was caused by NYC Mayor Bloomberg's support of that gay marriage thing! Never ascribe to science that which can be explained by magic.

Peggy Noonan wrote something stupid again. Rush Limbaugh said something stupid again.

Why is it that things that go without saying always need to be said: "No One in America Should Have to Wait 7 Hours to Vote."

A look back at the founder of ALEC and the birth of the Republican War on Democracy.

Wait, are President Obama and NJ Republican Gov. Chris Christie buds now?

Finally, on this date in 1872, Susan B. Anthony cast a vote in Rochester, New York. Four days later, she was arrested for what would now be called "voter fraud." The point of this story? If you don't vote, you suck. The end.

[photo via Talking Points Memo]

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