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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Stories to Watch: 11/8/12

Joe Biden and the cast of 'Parks and Recreation.'

Rachel Maddow, steeped in righteousness, is an awesome sight to behold. Seriously, watch this. We now live in a world where impassioned defenses of truth are necessary. See how it's done.

And while we're on the subject of defending the nation against ridiculous bullshit: Karl Rove.

Also in Rove news: David Axelrod points out that, as a fearsome super PAC warlord, Karl Rove really sucks.

Eric Holder suggests he may step down and let someone else take a whack at being the top cop in Obama's second term. Let me speak four words: Attorney General Russ Feingold. It'll never happen in a million years, but I can't help picturing the looks of terror on bankster and Bushie faces if it did. Things like this keep me warm at night.

Not surprisingly, the religious right goes really, really psycho.

Yes, every vote does count.

Bloomberg's Joshua Green writes that President Obama comes out of the reelection campaign in a much stronger position than when he went in. James Fallows suggests printing the piece out, "so that you can refer to it each time you read a story about Obama's showdown with the Republican forces in the House."

Headline in The Hill: "Christie calls Obama to congratulate, emails Romney condolences." Ouch. I get the feeling that the era of the moderate Republican governor has begun. If you doubt me, see previous item.

Mitt Romney is reportedly "shellshocked" at losing the election. He really thought he had it in the bag, despite every sign that he was doomed. How sure was Mitt that he'd win? This sure.

Finally, the march of the Unstoppable Homosexual Menace claims Washington, as the state officially certifies the vote on a referendum allowing marriage equality.

[photo via New York Times]

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