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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stories to Watch: 1/31/13

Sarah Palin says she left Fox News voluntarily, in order to reach a bigger audience. Someone crack a window. The smell of BS on this one is so strong it's a little hard to breath. It's over, Sarah. Everyone knows it. And we won't miss you.

The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have both been defending themselves from Chinese hackers for months. The hackers were "looking for information about an explosive investigation into that country's prime minister" and seem to have been operating on behalf of Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

The passage of the debt limit increase exposes the GOP as fundamentally unserious about all things economic. The Republican economic position has devolved into budget gimmicks and (poorly) attempted gotcha politics. They stand for nothing, other than trying to make Democrats look bad so they can win elections. It's a nihilistic party, interested only in winning a game.

The rightwing hate group Family Research Council is asking people to pray for God to intervene and keep the Boy Scouts of America from ending their ban on gays. It begs the question; if the BSA drops the ban despite their homophobic mumbo-jumbo, does that mean God's cool with the gays and the FRC's been wrong all these years? Somehow, I doubt these absolutely pathological haters will see it that way.

Joe Biden makes the pitch to Senate dems to move forward with meaningful gun regulations.

The residents of Newton, Connecticut want stricter gun regulations as well.

A survey by the New England Journal of Medicine finds that nearly "70% of respondents supported greater government spending and insurance coverage for mental healthcare as a means of averting gun violence." It'd be a good idea in any context; the mentally ill could use the help. The poll also shows Americans are with Biden and Newton, supporting stricter gun control.

Chuck Hagel looks like he's in, despite a few painful and noticeable stumbles -- and despite the fact that newly minted Texas Senator Ted Cruz was a real dishonest prick, while McCain and Graham were grandstanding empty suits. The hearing is probably not much more than a formality. Foreign policy wonk Steve Clemons has a nice blow-by-blow.

Dear God save us. Geraldo Rivera says he's considering a Senate run from New Jersey.

Finally, Rachel Maddow practices good journalism. Period.

[cartoon via Truthdig]

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