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Friday, February 08, 2013

After Fox firing, Dick Morris desperately scrambles to remain relevant

Political Wire:

National Review points out that Dick Morris, who is the author of books such as Here Come the Black Helicopters!, Screwed!, and Revolt!, says that “he’s now fighting to do for the Republican party what he did for the Democrats during the Clinton years — moderate it.”


Jonathan Chait: “It’s probably a better way to get airtime on CNN. It’s also a logical persona for a huckster who is quickly running short on them.”

So Dick Morris, former Fox News Tea Party screamer, is now going to drag his party back to the middle. Not because he actually believes that’s where the GOP needs to go, but because he’s got to stay on TV or people will unsubscribe from his newsletter and quit sending money to his PAC.

But the real lesson here is that this is what happens when you’re addicted to exclamation points, kids. Friends don’t let friends abuse exclamation points. Don’t be a hack like Dick Morris. Don’t write a book called BANG!

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