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Monday, February 04, 2013

Citizen’s attempt to use second amendment freedoms to protect himself from govt. fails miserably

“It’s all over,” a local law enforcement official told Reuters. “The boy is OK.” And thus ends the saga of Second Amendment Hero Jimmy Lee Dykes.

Dykes first used his freedoms to murder an innocent schoolbus driver and kidnap an autistic child. He apparently had some sort of a plan to use the child to avoid legal trouble caused by Dykes’ previous use of a firearm. This is what it looks like when someone uses a gun to protect themselves from government — an armed standoff with police. The NRA and the rest of the gun freaks would have you believe the founders intended this sort of thing — I’m guessing they didn’t, because from everything I’ve read about them, they’re weren’t psychos.

That’s the problem with the “we have the Second Amendment to guard against tyranny” argument — who decides who’s a tyrant? Dykes obviously felt his legal trouble was unjust and took up arms to correct that injustice. Now he’s dead and, frankly, his community is a lot safer without him. The NRA’s view of the Second Amendment is the view of terrorists and criminals, holed up in a bunker, ready to take potshots at cops. It’s not the view of patriots.

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