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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Cleaned up the Superfeed

I went through the Progressive News Must-Read Superfeed and trimmed the input from my Tumblr up a bit, to weed out the extraneous debate posts and other not so very important things. Like most blogging platforms, Tumblr lets you subscribe to an RSS feed of posts with a particular tag, so the Superfeed now gets only my posts tagged "#blogwire." That way my little arguments aren't hogging up the aggregator. If you want to find a tag feed for your own Tumblr, just go to your blog, click on the tag you want, then add "/rss" to the end of the URL. If you're using a feed to publish stuff elsewhere, this is a really nice way to edit the content on the fly.

As always, you can follow the Superfeed as RSS here or as a web page here. There's also a twitter feed. I use the Superfeed constantly.

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