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Monday, February 25, 2013

Flashback for rightwing Oscars whiners: Bush did a guest spot on a game show

The right is all bent out of shape that First Lady Michelle Obama would lower herself to being a presenter at the Oscars. Is nothing sacred? Must we constantly be reminded that the President and his family exist? They’re acting like they need to be talked down off a ledge.

Calm down, Wingnuts — and remember…

Reuters, Apr 22, 2008:

President George W. Bush made a highly unusual appearance on U.S. television game show “Deal or No Deal” on Monday, seeking show host Howie Mandel’s help to deal with the federal budget in upcoming talks with Congress.

“Howie, I don’t know if you’re free to come to Washington anytime soon but I have to reach an agreement with Congress on the federal budget. How’d you like to host a $3 trillion dollar ‘Deal or No Deal,’” Bush joked.

In the program, contestants compete to win a $1 million prize and can triple that amount in a bonus round.

Yes, Michelle Obama appearing as an awards presenter was the worst thing ever. It pales in comparison the quiet dignity of Dubya’s appearance opposite Howie Mandel on Deal or No Deal.

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