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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On sequestration, Republicans display breathtaking stupidity

An article at The Hill reports the sad reality that the “cuts known as the sequester are almost certain to hit the Pentagon and non-defense discretionary spending on March 1” — mostly because of Republican frootloopery. “Republicans see the sequester as the best way possible to actually reduce government spending, which they see as the biggest threat to the nation,” we’re told.

OK, so here’s where things start to get a little hard to follow. Republicans, in their economic genius, see the national debt as a threat to the economy (it’s not, we’ve carried far greater debt burdens without the nation collapsing into economic chaos). They also acknowledge that the drastic cuts baked into sequestration will harm the country. In other words, Republicans are arguing they have to crash the economy in order to avoid having the debt crash the economy. This is like burning down your own house to avoid having lightning it burn down. It makes absolutely no sense at all, but Republicans are going to barrel ahead and do it anyway.

But that’s not the end of the idiocy. This is all happening at a time when Republicans say they’re rebranding to attract more voters. The problem there is that this is the same sort of crap Republicans always pull and that’s a big part of the reason the GOP is so hated these days. And they’re absolutely convinced that the President and Democrats will take the blame. The reason why they believe this totally absurd thing is that they’re Republicans; meaning they don’t learn things and reject ideas that aren’t a perfect match with their wishful thinking. They believe everyone else will take the blame because that’s the way they want things to turn out and they seem physically unable to wrap their heads around any idea to the contrary.

If you still need more evidence that the GOP is a party gone mad, I can’t help you. You must be a Republican, meaning reality just can’t get inside your head.

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