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Friday, February 01, 2013

Scott Brown rules out MA Senate run

Dave Weigel:

Do you remember those months Democrats spent panicking that Scott Brown would rise again if John Kerry’s Senate seat opened up? The panic that started roughly three weeks before Brown even lost his old seat to Sen. Elizabeth Warren?

All for naught. Brown tells Howie Carr, via text, that he will not run in the June special election to replace Kerry. In doing so he bows to the growing conventional wisdom (which I was trying to gin up a month ago) that the circumstances of summer 2013 will be far, far worse for a Northeastern Republican than the circumstances of Obama’s winter 2010 nadir.

Actually no, Dave, I don’t remember any “panic” at all. When someone loses an election, you don’t start freaking out at the possibility that they may immediately run for the same office. The problem at the time was a shameful attack on Ambassador Susan Rice by Republicans interested in getting Brown another chance. They’re the reason that Kerry’s the new Secretary of State and now it seems their little plot failed miserably. Once again, the brilliant strategic mind of John McCain cooked up a political strategy equally as effective as choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Anyhoo, Brown might take a shot at governor — it’d be Mitt Romney’s old office, so a Republican wouldn’t be unheard of — but Brown’s original senate win was a fluke in the first place.

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