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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stories to Watch: 2/20/13

Child protesting the NRA

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer has some good advice for people interested in regulating firearms: make NRA stooges pay at the ballot box. It's what got the GOP to flip on immigration, it ought to work with gun violence as well.

Google is looking for "explorers" to test out their new "Google glasses." The glasses cost $1,500 and are "synched to the Internet." I'm just waiting for the first guy to wrap himself around a tree using them while driving.

With Jesse Jackson jr. pleading guilty to embezzling campaign funds, you might wonder how he spent that $750,000. It turns out, he spent it on everything, including "$17,000 on tobacco shops."

Remember in Citizen Kane, when a young Charles Foster Kane said, "It might be fun to run a newspaper?" Here's your chance to give it a whirl. The Boston Globe is up for sale.

From Felix Salmon: "Law enforcement officials, it seems, have pretty easy and routine access to Google’s search-history database, and this is surely only the beginning when it comes to sifting through huge amounts of data to find evidence of crimes." So watch it.

How this whole phony "Friends of Hamas" thing got started.

Having the lowest approval rating in the country can really do wonders for a governor's worldview.

Finally, given the nature of the GOP's BS on sequestration, John Boehner really should've expected a certain PowerPoint slide to resurface.

[photo via AP]

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