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Friday, February 22, 2013

Stories to Watch: 2/22/13

Cars piled up by flooding

Athens, Greece saw as much rain today as the normal average for the entire month of February, resulting in intense flooding.

John McCain really is a dick. You might've heard that when the bereaved mother of a young man shot in the Aurora theater massacre tried to engage him at a townhall meeting, he told her she needed to hear some "tough talk" about gun control. Now it turns out that the same family also sent McCain's office a letter to tell him of their son's story and urge meaningful action on gun violence. They received a "cold, impersonal form letter" in return. A real class act, that Sen. McCain.

In other "Arizona Republicans being jerks" news, anti-immigrant Gov. Jan Brewer went on Fox News to misrepresent polls, saying they show little support for a path to citizenship for undocumented people. That's not just a lie, that's a big lie. If a path to citizenship were put up for a vote, it'd win in a landslide. I'll never understand why politicians lie about poll numbers, since it means lying to you about what you think. Why on Earth would anyone ever think that would work?

Remember when a corporation called "Murray Hill, inc." tired to run for Congress, pointing out the absurdity of the Citizens United ruling? Yeah, now a Montana state rep has a bill to give corporations the vote. The problem is, it's not a clever dig at the idea that corporations are people -- the guy's serious.

Ted Cruz jumps the shark and goes fullblown McCarthy, with a secret list of communists and everything.

Other polling a GOPer may try to lie to you about: a Pew poll shows that people are opposed to cutting spending, when you start getting into specific programs. The GOP is pedal-to-the-metal straight toward a brick wall on this whole sequester thing. Although, it's starting to look like some are trying to find the brakes,

House Republicans decide they can live with the Violence Against Women Act -- so long as it's still OK to abuse women in the LGBT community, that is. And Native American women? Yeah, you're screwed too.

David Brooks wrote something stupid again.

Whether or not it's got a director, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- Elizabeth Warren's idea to protect people from predatory financial types -- is going to do what it was designed to do. This could turn out to be a pretty big deal. Crime-ridden Wall Street finally has a neighborhood cop.

Here's a sequester FAQ. Yeah, that's from a UK paper. There is no one on Earth who doesn't have skin in this game.

Finally, it looks like Republicans have learned nothing from their heavy losses in the War on Women.

[photo via Tribuna_Shqip, Twitter]

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