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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Stories to Watch: 2/5/13

You've probably heard about Eric Cantor's big speech on how the GOP is totally different now, because they're going work on the same stuff they've always worked on. Anyway, Greg Sargent takes a look at the GOP's stated legislative agenda and, yeah, they haven't changed a thing. Long story short, Cantor offered up a helping of the same Honey Bunches of Turd that everyone already hates and announced it's in a brand new box. Run out and get some now!

The Obama administration's legal rationale for drone strikes on Americans is positively Dick-Cheneyish in its legal stretches to justify human rights abuses. What's happening here is that the "War on Terror" has become so politicized that Democrats feel the need to out-neocon the neocons to prove they aren't "soft on terror." Benghazi shows how eager Republicans are to capitalize on any incident and wave any loss of life around like a bloody shirt. A leader with courage wouldn't fall for this crap, but that leader is apparently not Barack Obama.

The UK is on the verge of legalizing marriage equality.

House GOP begs Democrats not to throw them into the briar patch on defense spending. One thing you can say about the Republican Party that's always true: they think you're astonishingly stupid.

An example of the previous: Republicans often completely misrepresent what the founders would've done or said, to justify the seriously crazy things they want to do. Pennsylvania state Sen. Mike Folmer takes that to a whole new level, basically arguing that the founders would've taken a courageous stand against democracy.

Karl Rove's big plan to weed Tea Party nuts out of the Republican Party is already looking pretty doomed.

The CBO projects big deficit reduction. Whatever will the GOP shriek about now?

Finally, the anti-logic of the latest wingnut conspiracy theory is enough to make you dizzy. Gun nut websites are "reporting" that the government plans to kill off high-profile gun activists -- because if people have guns, the government won't be able to kill anyone off. Yeah, let that one steep a while. I guarantee it won't get any less stupid.

[cartoon via McClatchy Newspapers]

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